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Nothando Zulu

Who We Are
We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization of Master Storytellers. Educators and Community Supporters. We provide training for those interested in using the African based storytelling methods to reach their audience. Teachers use us, businesses use us, social workers
use us and communities of Faith use us.
In fact everybody who has a story to tell can use us BECAUSE, we TELL the stories!

Black Storytellers Alliance has entertained and educated audiences for the past two decades. Our philosophy is that art is a direct reflection of our culture. Each performance draws from the richness of the African and African American experience.

The Storytellers have performed for a wide range of audiences: pre-school to Senior Centers to Corporate Headquarters. The stories shared emphasize such attributes and values as Honesty, Friendship, Love, Integrity, Good Manners and Self-Determination. Stories are considered to be the conveyors of these messages; a means of reinforcing primary human values through exposing all to the strengths found in the descendants of Africa in the American Diaspora.

We provide training and curriculum guides.

To book performances or to assist you in obtaining Master Tellers for your organization or next cultural event:

Ms. Nothando Zulu, Director
(612) 529-5864;
(612) 529-5951 (fax)

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